The subjects and styles I choose are primarily organic in nature and often whimsical. Nature is hugely influential in my work. Sometimes materials are used in traditional ways and other times my intent is to question convention with “displacement of defined roles.”

For me, art happens purposefully and accidentally. Sometimes the path is specific. Other times it begins with a thought, or random mark on paper that becomes something unexpected. Fluidity is important. We change our minds, our moods, our clothes, our environment and, as a result, our art and the way it unfolds changes too.

The process of making art is never the same twice, unless I am making what I call production work (work that is not one of a kind, but rather work that repeats itself). I feel great pride in building something original whether it is with paint, glass, wood, paper, or other mediums. For me, the process is also art. For it is the process, that calls the final product known as art, into being. The multiple decisions made and discoveries that are addressed while working are tools I use to expand my vision and imagination.