Have you ever:

  • Ridden your bike as if it was a flying carpet that could take you anywhere?
  • Wanted to be a princess or super hero when you grew up?
  • Felt alone in a place packed with people?
  • Watched something or someone you love leave?
  • Met your goals through dogged determination?
  • Gotten into trouble for telling the truth?
  • Done something that you knew you’d regret later?

Then you might find Rinnie a good companion. Please introduce yourself to her in Paint Me a Monster.

“Rinnie Gardener’s life looks like a perfect painting from the outside—a loving family and a beautiful house. But when the paint is stripped away, this dream dissolves to dust.

Her parents divorce. Her father treats her like a stranger. Her mother, looming like a black cloud, treats her worse. Painful words become painful bruises. Rinnie’s own body becomes a source of self-punishment.

As her life seemingly falls apart, Rinnie struggles to find the courage to pick up the pieces. In a brilliantly unique style and voice, Rinnie tells her story—a search for identity, love, and healing. She must look in the darkest places to repaint the canvas of her life. She must face the monster.”

– Enslow Publishing