As you page through, you’ll get to my main character, Rinnie Gardener.

Rinnie is a young girl trying her best to understand and live life with her emotionally disturbed mother and her emotionally distant, father.

She is three years old when we first meet. While watching television, Rinnie happens to see a dog named Rin Tin Tin just as he performs a heroic act. When the dog’s master praises Rin Tin Tin as the smartest, strongest, and fastest dog in the world. Rinnie imagines the best thing in the world would be to become that beloved dog,

With Rin Tin Tin’s bravery, her own bold curiosity, and discipline, Rinnie shapes her thoughts, questions, and experiences into a life boat with Rinnie-made-rules for a compass. Rinnie believes strict adherence to these rules will guide her to safety.

When her life boat begins to flounder, Rinnie finds that no matter how fast she bails, she will drown if she stays on course.

Rinnie’s Notes

NOTES TO MYSELF–because some things need notating.

Things aren’t always what they appear. Sometimes that’s a huge relief. Other times it opens a door I’m not ready to walk through. Today, I’m glad my negative perception of sharing my deepest darkest thoughts with someone was w-r-o-n-g.

Saw a red tailed hawk perch on a branch with a small bird in its talons. Compelled to watch nature happen. Feathers dusted the earth like a light snow. And when they stopped falling, the hawk flew away.

Dad once asked if I was doing my best in school. What could I say? If I was doing my best I wouldn’t be doing anything else but studying.

Rinnie’s Book Of Questions

MORE FROM RINNIE’S BOOK OF QUESTIONS or Is anyone out there paying attention?

Why do my eyes sting when they’re tired?
Who invented calories?
When does “old” start?
What makes a good voice a good voice?
Why do so many people hate the question why?
Why do parents think their actions don’t count when it comes to their kids?
When is someone “grown-up”?

Rinnie’s Words

FROM RINNIE’S BOOK, “WORDS I LIKE–Words When  Spoken Slowly Are  De-lec-ta-ble, Melodic, or Make me happy”

Metatarsal    Precocious    Primordial      Acquiescence      Acquisition   Extemporaneous    Rapscallion
Cacophony    Extra-ordinary      Precipitation      Preposterous     Indisposition    Cue